DIY Personalized Pet Placemat

Tired of cleaning up after your messy pet!? Prevent water dribbles and spilled kibble using this awesome DIY placemat! I had a few old raggedy ones but they were quite the eyesore. After a quick trip to target I whipped together this adorable personalized placemat for my new kitty. This easy DIY craft for pets turned out to be super adorable and was really easy to make. I already had most of the items but everything else was super cheap and could easily be found at Walmart or the dollar store. Revamp your old placemats using some cute patterned gift wrap!

What You Need

DIY Pet placemat

  • An old placemat (if you don’t have one try Walmart or the dollar store)
  • Gift Wrap
  • Self-Adhesive contact paper (in the kitchen isle!)
  • Decorative stickers / letters
  • Glue Stick
  • Tape
  • Scissors

How to Make It

Trim your placemat down to the size you would like. I cut about an inch off all around because mine is for my teeny cat. If you have a big dog you may want to just leave it as is.

I would suggest avoiding round corners if possible. I found out the hard way that they are super hard to cut.

DIY Pet placemat

Once your placemat is the perfect shape, cut out your gift wrap. Cut a big rectangle that is an inch or so larger than the placemat on all sides.

Next, use a glue stick to adhere the wrapping paper to the front of your placemat. It doesn’t need to be completely covered, but enough to prevent air bubbles. Let the glue dry.

DIY Pet placemat

Once the glue has dried completely, fold the edges of the gift wrap and use clear tape to hold the paper in place. It doesn’t have to look beautiful since this side is just going on the floor.

DIY Pet placemat

The next step is to get creative and decorate your placemat!

I used some metallic stickers I found at Target to spell out my cat’s name. You could try using glitter glue, stencils or other stickers you have laying around.

DIY Pet placemat

After your placemat is decorated and looking beautiful, laminate it to protect your design. Cut out two large sheets of contact paper with plenty of room to cover your placemat.

When you stick on the contact paper, lay the contact paper on the ground or a table and stick the mat onto the paper. It is much easier than trying to lay the paper over top of the placemat. (It will most likely stick to itself or the wrong place if you try to do it that way.)

DIY Pet placemat

Once both sides are contact-papered and all stuck together, smooth out the mat using a rolling pin or your fingers. Make sure it’s really stuck on there. I used my nails to go along the edges and make sure it was fully adhered to itself.

DIY Pet placemat

The last step is to trim the edges of your placemat until there is about a 1/4 inch left of contact paper on all sides.

You now have a super stylish place for your pet to dine and a protective barrier between their mess and your floor!

DIY Pet placemat

I hope you enjoyed this DIY!

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